ruth ellen hasser funeral officiant


Memorial Service for Jennifer Nagle

April 13, 2014, Maryland Heights, Missouri

When my mother passed away after a grueling 2 years with Alzheimer’s, other health issues, a move to assisted living, the purging and renovation of her condo, a stint in ICU and then finally hospice care in my home all within a 6 month period, needless to say I was exhausted and overwhelmed. When it came time for the memorial service for Mom, I contacted Ruth on a Tues, she called on Wed, met with us on Thurs and by Fri afternoon had crafted an amazing, beautiful memorial portrait of Mom. Her demeanor is calm, warm, efficient and highly competent. She delivered an amazing, heartfelt, beautiful service for Mom which everyone there found really moving. I will forever be in her debt and gratitude for salvaging what could’ve been a disaster and providing such an amazing “celebration of life” I feel so blessed that she was available, a true “God moment!”

Lisa Andris

Ferguson Mo.


Memorial Prayer Service for Dean Lynn Sieben

February 21, 2009 Crosby Burket Swanson Golden Funeral Chapel, Omaha, Nebraska

Ruth Ellen Hasser had a way of capturing the essence of my brother’s 50 years on earth during the service.  She knew how to mesh the thoughts and memories of my brother into a cohesive ceremony.  She was able to do this through taking the time to interview his loved ones.  Her dedication to providing comfort and hope during the ceremony was helpful and provided lasting memories of the tribute to my brother’s life.

Maria Hamernik

Omaha, NE

Memorial Service for Hannah Templeton

December 29, 2008 Forever Oak Hill Funeral Home St. Louis, MO

Hannah didn’t have a church affiliation so when it was time to make the funeral arrangements I thought of Ruth. I worked with Ruth at the Epilepsy Foundation for five years and knew of her depth of spirituality, her respect for mankind, her sense of humor, her communication skills and her creativity. I was stunned and I needed someone to carry the ball. Ruth interviewed family and friends. She listened carefully. I kept changing my mind. She remained flexible. The family was complex. Hannah had an ex-husband and his family. I had an ex-husband and his family. Everyone had an opinion and they didn’t always coordinate.

Ruth led the service. Included everyone’s wishes. She was gracious, sensitive, honest and funny. Believe me, I don’t want to go through the experience again. But, if someone finds him or herself in my situation, Ruth Hasser will be the person to provide the support, leadership and special touch when you need it most.

Darla Templeton

Kirkwood, MO

Funeral & Graveside Service for Madelynn Christine Hopson

October 11, 2010 Kutis Funeral Home

It is with pleasure that I can wholeheartedly recommend Ruth Ellen Hasser as Funeral Celebrant.  Ruth guided our Family every step of the way when we lost our dear sister not long ago.  Grief can bring with it distraction and disorientation.  Ruth provided a compassionate guiding hand, helping us focus on the memories and choices necessary to create a loving and very fitting tribute.  She offers support, leadership and accommodation in just the right proportions.  When the time came for our sister’s wake, memorial service and our final farewell, Ruth provided caring and dignified leadership at all times. Whether delivering a tribute before the congregation, leading us in prayer or seeing to it that things proceeded according to plan, we knew at all times that we were in good hands.  This gave our Family the peace of mind we needed to cope with our loss and take care of each other. “Competent” and “Caring” are the words that come to mind when I think of Ruth Ellen Hasser.  Her warm and always-appropriate demeanor and communication style would be a good fit in any environment.  I would not hesitate to encourage you to contact Ruth when a loved one passes away and a ceremonial tribute is needed.

Elizabeth J. Hensley

St. Louis, Missouri

Graveside Prayer Service for Pete J. Giljum

August 14, 2008 Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

In July of 2008 my Father was taken from us.  As hard as it is to lose someone that you have known and loved your entire life, what follows can be almost as traumatic.  There are so many things to be done that it can seem overwhelming.  But thankfully, I was put in contact with Ruth Ellen Hasser.  My Father was a spiritual person but was not affiliated with any one religion.  And having someone to speak for him, and about his life, on the day of his burial was the single most important thing for all of us, his family.  As soon as I sat down with Ruth and began to tell her about my Father and what I knew of his life, she made me feel so comfortable and secure in talking about the most important details of his life.  Her patience and empathy was evident from the very beginning of our conversation, and I felt as if I was talking to a good friend, not a stranger.  Her help in guiding me through talking about him was both therapeutic and a great relief for me.

On the day of my Father’s burial, at the grave site, Ruth Ellen spoke so eloquently and passionately about his life.  All in attendance, including both family and his closest friends, were so thankful that she was there.  That day is so emotional for everyone, it would have been next to impossible for any one of us to say what needed to be said about my Father.  But Ruth was there for us, our “Angel.”

Steven Giljum

St. Louis, MO